Film Friday #52

According to Anna Kendrick’s Instagram Pitch Perfect 2 is all wrapped up!

The cast of this sequel have been very social, shall we say. With cast members doing ‘Instagram Takeovers’ with the film’s official Instagram account, as well as the cast members posting on their own personal accounts. Fans of the film have really been giving a great behind the scenes look throughout filming, which I think has been a good approach to create hype about this highly anticipated sequel.

The film’s director Elizabeth Banks, has her own Facebook page, Tumblr account, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube channel.To say that she really connects with her fans is an extreme understatement.

Film fans require more and more updates now. With set pictures released from films almost every other day and countless promos and teaser trailers being released every month or so. It’s clear that film releases are gaining more and more attention, bigger the film, the more hype built around it. I think that is sometimes films suffer from this, people build up excitement and start writing ‘fanfiction’ about their favourite films set to be released and when the film doesn’t quite live up to their expectations, they get upset. But I think it can also benefit films in many different ways. So I think it just depends how the film production and advertising is managed, too many set pictures could give away elements of the film. I think Mockingjay  is being handled perfectly, these promos (or addresses) are putting fans of the films into that world, which is building up positive attention, and not a lot of set pictures keeping some things under wraps.

About Time (2013)

Richard Curtis is the master of romantic comedies, and if you disagree I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill. All great romantic comedies and About Time is no exception. Curtis wrote, produced and directed About Time, he has only filled all 3 of those roles on one other film, The Boat That Rocked. So when it comes to making a perfect rom com, I think it’s fair to say that Richard Curtis knows what he’s taking about.



About Time is a film about love, loss, life and time travel. Tim, Domhnall Gleeson, discovers shortly after his 21st birthday that all the men in his family can time travel. Tim’s dad, Bill Nighy, breaks the weird news to him and gives him advice throughout the film and throughout time. Tim moves to London from Cornwall in search of work and love, he utilises his ability to travel in time to fix little things to help him and his friends. Then Tim meets Mary, Rachel McAdams, a beautiful American girl who wins Tim’s heart immediately. As their relationship grows over time Tim still finds use for his time travel when things don’t work out the way they should. Tim soon finds out that whilst time travel has the ability to repair some things, it can also alters other major parts of Tim’s life. This is when he finds out that some things in life need to play out in order to be fixed.



Rachel McAdams is a rom com queen herself, with iconic roles such as the heart wrenching The Notebook and even has a history of time travelling films with The Time Traveller’s Wife. (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself). Domhnall Gleeson only really known for minor roles in the last two Harry Potter films and others such as Anna Karenina and Dredd. The two play opposite each other wonderfully, they have great on screen chemistry which shines alongside Curtis’ script. Bill Nighy is as great as ever, playing his role very well and being totally adorable especially in the wedding reception scenes.



The soundtrack is pretty amazing too. Especially the single from Ellie Goulding, How Long Will I Love You, written for the film. I think Goulding has captured the film’s essence pretty well. Love she sings of is not specified to romantic love, but also love for family and friends who are always by your side supporting you. Here’s the album from Spotify:


This film is an uplifting tale of finding love, loving life and the joys of life. The actors play their parts perfectly with great direction from Richard Curtis. If you harbor a love of romantic comedies and still not sure whether this is the film for you, I’m telling you to go watch it.  A simple love story with a great time travelling twist.


Music Monday #51

This song is my favourite Elton John song, Crocodile Rock and Circle Of Life coming in close 2nd and 3rd. This song reminds me of the wonderful film Almost Famous, I think it fits the film’s character Penny Lane perfectly. I hope you love this song as much as I do.




If anyone has any suggestions for a music monday, please feel free to contact or comment below and I’ll give your suggestion a listen :)

Film Friday #50

We have the image of Ian McKellen as 93 year old Sherlock Holmes.

In this film we will see Sherlock, now with a deteriorating mind, look back at old cases and attempt to solve the unsolved. The film was initially titled A Slight Trick Of The Mind, has now been renamed Mr. Holmes. The film is based on a novel, by the same name of the film’s original title, which sees Sherlock retired in Sussex beekeeping.

I think McKellen will play the role of an aging Holmes brilliantly and with great ease. Thinking about it, I cannot imagine anyone else really playing the role after seeing the picture below.


Mockingjay Part 1 – Capitol TV

So you may have visited YouTube recently to see the latest Mockingjay teasers. Cleverly, Lionsgate is using ‘Capitol TV’ as a route to promote the 1st part of the 3rd installment of The Hunger Games trilogy.

These teasers are coming through from President Snow himself, as he addresses Panem. The clips are in 4K, however I’m going to say that most people don’t watch YouTube clips on 4K TVs. The first address was posted onto The Hunger Games YouTube channel 2 weeks ago.




Shocking right? The white obviously symbolises a contrast or something like that (I’m not going to get into that now, however I’m willing to discuss with anyone). At the end we get the revelation of Peeta standing as President Snow’s right hand man.

Now, 2 hours ago, we have our second address:



And in this teaser we see Johanna on President Snow’s left hand side. But now District 13 are taking over the Capitol’s communication channels.

We can obviously take from this that we will continue to get these ‘addresses’ and more and more information will be revealed or ‘leaked’. I actually really like what they’re doing with this. It’s a great way to create hype about the film, while still not giving up too much information. What I do find funny about all of this is that the people who have read the books will know what’s about to happen anyway. On the other hand, people who are just relying on the films are totally mind blown. You can tell who’s who just by reading the YouTube comments.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am completely hyped up about the last two films. Can’t wait to see who will disrupt the next address…