The Last Five Years – Soundtrack

Being a musical this soundtrack features the voices of Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, who are both exceptionally singers.

I am not entirely sure if this Spotify link will work for everyone, but I have one so I’ll include it here. But if it doesn’t work a simple internet search will lead you in the right direction to finding the soundtrack. You just have to be careful of distinguishing between the motion picture soundtrack and any musical versions you might find.

As always, pictures and gifs will follow on Wednesday and my review of The Last Five Years will be posted on Friday. Enjoy!

Empire Records Review

Empire Records

There aren’t a lot of films like Empire Records. There are so many reasons why people relate to it so much. A few of them being the characters. These are 7 teenagers who don’t really know where they’re heading in life. I mean, I for one don’t know where I’m going to end up in a few years. Another reason is definitely the music. As I have said earlier in the week, music is bled through this film. Well it is set in a record store, so you’d hope there would be some decent music throughout. And boy do they deliver. It was released in the mid 90s so it’s mostly punk music, but there are some songs everyone should recognise.


Empire Records – Soundtrack

Sometimes you get a great film with a soundtrack as a second thought. Other times you can get a poor film with a great soundtrack. And then a film will come along and the soundtrack is just as amazing as the film is, so good that you can’t talk about the film without mentioning the soundtrack, they are intertwined.

No I’m not talking about a musical (although it does sound like that doesn’t it?). I am talking about Empire Records. Please, please enjoy this great soundtrack. Another cult (ish) film with a rock-pop soundtrack, I know but stick with me.

(According to Wiki there’s a lot more songs not included on the track list, find them here