Film Friday #59

A lot of things happening with film this week, let me catch you up.


1. Mockingjay Trailer is finally here!

If for some reason you have had no internet for the past week, you might not have seen the first full trailer for the Hunger Games 3rd installment. So here it is,


2. Fox Announced Deadpool film to be released 2016

Deadpool is loved by most Marvel fans, and they’re all going to be very happy after they hear this news. Tim Miller is set to direct and Ryan Reynolds is expected to play the title character, but a deal hasn’t been made yet. I think the buzz around this film will be huge and with the right script, it’ll be a massive success.


3. Aubrey Plaza to voice Grumpy Cat

Yes, Grumpy Cat is getting a film. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, is set to be shown on the Lifetime channel in the US in November and is expected soon after on UK screens. The TV movie features the internet sensation being overlooked in a pet store, until one 12 year old girl meets the cat. Aubrey Plaza is mostly known for her role on the US sitcom Parks and Recreation, on which she plays the cynical April Ludgate. Plaza is also starring in Zombie comedy Life After Beth later this year.


4. Zoolander 2 rumours

I know that over the years since the hugely popular 2001 film rumours of a sequel have been swirling around. This week Will Ferrell has said that he will be returning as Mugatu in Zoolander 2, he also claims that there is meant to be a read through of a script very soon. This past month media claim that Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux have been considering Cara Delevingne for a role. She would be perfect though, famous model, fierce poses and crazy antics. Rumours also suggest that Owen Wilson will be reprising his role as Hansel.

Wild Wednesday #59

Today’s quote is from the wonderfully hilarious Gilda Radner. If you don’t know who that is let me enlighten you. Gilda Radner was one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live, she married Gene Wilder and died at the age of 42 from Cervical cancer. I love watching her old sketches on YouTube, my favourites are Extremely Stupid and Nerds Broken Fridge. If you haven’t seen these sketches, I suggest you do!


Music Monday #59

A lot of people don’t like Jazz, I’m not one of them. A lot of people don’t like The Beatles, I’m not one of them. So combine the two together and what do you get? Answer: Ella Fitzgerald singing Can’t Buy Me Love. One of the best covers I’ve ever hear, Ella’s voice is just magical. I really love this song, I hope you guys do too!


Film Friday #58

Jump Street 23 gets the green light!


After the success of Jump Street 21, you may have seen the equally, if not more, successful Jump Street 22 that was released earlier this year. The sequel has made a massively impressive $320 million worldwide, so its no wonder why Sony has given the go ahead for a third sequel.



Sony have brought back Rodney Rothman to write the script, having written the first sequel I think that the script is in safe hands. The obvious questions are if Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be returning. I think this is a no-brainer, they wouldn’t stand a chance of raking in the same amount of money. Second question is whether the directors will also be onboard, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. They are attached to the project as producers for now, but according to news sources the job of directors is theirs if they want it. The two are extremely busy with the success of their other movie The Lego Movie, which has also been given a sequel.


Exciting news for Jump Street fans, not so much for Dredd fans maybe.