Love, Rosie or Where Rainbows End

If you had read Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern you’re going to be very excited. Love, Rosie is based on Ahern’s bestseller starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin as the main characters Rosie and Alex.



The story follows Rosie and Alex, who become best friends from a young age. The book is written in a letter format, well letters, emails, instant messaging and the occasional text. As they get older Alex and Rosie start to consider their futures, Alex moves to America and gets excepted into Harvard to become a doctor, and Rosie applies to Brown to do Hotel Management. Fate, however, had other plans. Read and come October watch as life throws everything and anything at the two best friends. Are they destined to get together, or destined to stay apart.

The story is brilliant and the writing even better. Now, as always with an adaptation, someone is going to be unhappy. People need to realise that films, as great as they are, cannot possible capture every detail from a book. Some adaptations are great and they compliment the book really nicely, others not so much. With this film, especially as I have just finished reading the book, there is questions to be asked. How far will they go? In the book Ahern follows the two friends all the way to their 50s. Will they skip certain parts? There are small time gaps in the book itself but I think the film will really have to skip ahead.

Who knows until the film is released in October, but after the success of Ahern’s other novel turned film, P.S I Love You, it might be a hit. Check out the clips and trailers below:






Film Friday #54

I cant believe this, but there will be a sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and it looks pretty ace. The first film was great, see previous review here, comedic elements balanced with the serious nicely. Maggie Smith was hilarious and with Judi Dench centred the whole film. Dev Patel brought a great energy and hope to Sonny Kapoor.

Onto The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The cast has been assembled and Richard Gere has joined the team in India. From the trailer we can tell the hotel is doing great and Sonny looks like he’s preparing for marriage. Maggie Smith looks as funny as ever.

Truth: me and my Mum loved the first film so much. I love a lot of films, but a film that can make both me and my Mum laugh, I always love a little bit more. Just wait til I tell her about this film, she’s gonna be stoked.


Watch the trailer here;